Tips for Maximizing the Space of the Cupboard under the Stairs

Despite the shape (triangle or square) and size (large or small) of the space under the stairs, we can still make the best of it with a little creation to maximize the usage space of your home.

1. Bedroom

Cupboard under stair

If you are a fan of the famous Harry Potter series, you will know that during his childhood when living with his aunt’s family, Harry Potter lived in a cupboard under the stairs. There are books, a bed, light, etc. in this small room.

Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs
Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs

Although it is not as comfortable as living in a separate bedroom, we can still “learn” from the idea of Harry Potter’s uncle, why don’t we make the best use of the space under the stair to place a small bed to make a place for relaxation?

a bed under cupboard

You can even utilize this place by adding 2-3 small drawers under the bed, which makes this place more convenient without worrying about taking up a lot of spaces.

good view for corner under stair
Good view for corner under the stair

2. A little bar
If the space under the stairs is big enough, you can turn it into a beautiful bar corner like this.

3. Mini restroom
In spite of the size of the house, this is a design that anyone can take advantage of, because it is so convenient and space saving.

4. Nice working corner

working corner

You can fully focus on solving tons of workload at the beautiful work corner under the stairs without being distracted by outside scenes.

5. Storage
How many times you have to run up and down the stairs because forget the shoes, the phones or the keys, etc.? Why don’t you make the space under the stairs the place to store them? Just add one, two more doors so that you can make this place a private and secured storage room.

6. Bookshelf

Sometimes all you need is just a little space under the stairs with a small table or a sofa to drink coffee or read some favorite book, which make life interesting.


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