How to purify the air in room?

Today, the vehicles & dust from industrial activities make the air polluted; especially in big cities. The question is how we can make the air clean in room?

Firstly, let’s mention the effect of polluted air to our healthImpact on heart health

  • Air pollution can increase the risk of heart disorders, and can even lead to heart attacks in people with heart failure.
  • Increases the risk of cancer
    Inhaling too many toxins can increase the risk of cancer. This is one of the health risks due to air pollution.
  • Increases the risk of diabetesSubstances in the air can increase the risk of diabetes. According to medical experts, this is because the body is continually struggling against the pollutants and inflammation caused by these substances.
  • Impact on the brainRecent research shows that air pollution can also affect cognitive ability.
  • Affect male fertilityThe reduced sperm quality can affect fertility. This is also considered one of the effects of air pollution on men’s health.
  • Affects the lungsBreathing polluted dust will create a burden on the lungs, making the lungs vulnerable.
  • Skin lesionsAir pollution can cause significant damage to your skin. It accelerates the aging process and affects the level of collagen in the body.
  • Other harmsOther health effects of air pollution include eye irritation, cough, respiratory disorders, and runny nose.¬†

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