The Miracle of water and the importance of House nearby water

Maybe just few people know that Water brings us a very important message. Water reminds us with a deeper insight into our souls. When we look at ourselves through the water’s reflection, we realize that a messages bringing out the miracle, the clarity and the transparency.
Professor Masaru Emoto has explored the miracle of water by viewing it under microscope .The images and information in this article are the result of research by himself, a creative collector. Mr. Emoto has published an important book, “Message of Water,” formed from information accumulated through collections in the world.
Water can read the message? This photo is taken after the water read the sentence “Hate, want to kill you dead”. The newspaper writes: This is the phrase that often comes from the mouth of the Japanese youth today, the results after the test, the appearance of the crystallization of the water is really ugly, dented, distorted. Broken, scattered, it is consistent with the saying of the sentence: “yeu, I want to kill you”.

water with MakeSick

When the water is read, the message “thank you” appears the most beautiful crystalline. This is a photo taken after making the water read the “thank you” (gratitude and loving harmony). “As soon as we took a lot of photos from the crystallization of water . We have never seen such beautiful crystallization. Perhaps there is nothing more beautiful in this world than the news of “thank you”. If we often express “gratitude and loving harmony”, can it make the water on this planet with water in our bodies even more beautiful?

Today, many people unsderstand the importance of water; they love to live near water. Water of lake, stream, or sea can bring wealth, fortune, Soothes the sadness, improve the mood. The water can bring the cool and pure wind into your windows, make your air new with vitality. Happy, positive people change the scenery & environtment, make the water pure and Water bring good mood, fortune, wealth to human. The connetion is close

Many realestate investor choose to build the house near river for clients. They try to invest money to make artifical Canal or lake to make the water near every home. As the understand the importance of water to everday life of each homeowners.

At moon week, we can see the moon under the waterfront, attracting other species like frog, fish, birds into your house.Just change your fate, chage your living style with the house near water

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