How to install a ceiling fan?

If you are thinking about installing a ceiling fan, but you are not sure of how to do it, then you better read this first. Although, manufacturers design easy to install fans these days, yet you need to install carefully. In fact, this part of our discussion will help you install a ceiling fan in an effortless manner. before that, just take a look about Best Ceiling Fan Reviews at my friend’s website: and choose a good one for your living room.

Normally when the architecturer design the living room, they also put a hook at the center of ceiling. Then you can use this to install the Fan

• You can do it yourself, but still it is recommended that you get a licensed electrician to do this
• Remember anything under 7 inches could be a problem and more than 12 inches is too high
• Switch off the fan from the circuit breaker and then start the process of installation
• To start with, you need to remove the old electrical box and replace it with new one
• In case, you have not noticed, you must replace the fan hanger as well (this is more for safety over anything else)
• Then assemble the fan and with the downrod and mount it
• After that connect the wiring and fold them neatly into the box
• Make sure you check on the wiring by switching on the fan, either by remote control or from the circuit
How to maintain a ceiling fan?
Thinking about how to clean your ceiling fan? Then you reached the right place as we have found the most effective ways of keeping your ceiling fan neat and sparkling.
• Vacuum your fans when you think it is time as you don’t want the dust to spread all over the place during operation
• You can wipe the dust away with a microfiber cloth or damp cloth to get the same results
• Rinse the damp cloth after cleaning each blade because you would not want the dust to transfer to the blades while cleaning
• If the fan is squeaking, then get your tool box and fix the blades and nuts if required
• You can also check on the switch for this because dimmer switches can make the motor noisy
• Swapping it with an on/off switch could be of help
• You should oil the fan from time to time to make sure that the fan keeps functioning smoothly

Safety and tips
If you want to keep the Best Ceiling Fan in the top running condition, then you must focus on its safety first. Don’t worry we got you covered for this and we are also sharing some tips for making your fan work efficiently for a longer span of time.
• As long as safety, is concerned, you must keep the fan grounded
• You must also ensure that the mounting box should be able to take the weight of the fan
• Be careful with the pull chain as there are chances of running into it
• Take care of the fan to floor height and ideally speaking keep it to 8 inches for safety and this will add to its effectiveness as well
• Make sure that the blades rotate counterclockwise as this pushes down the air, which is a must for the summer months
• You need to balance the weight of the fan, otherwise you it will wobble
• Shut the doors, windows and blinds to maximize the cooling effect during summers and then switch on the fan to reap the benefits
• You can dampen the bed sheet be for bedtime and let the fan do the rest for you
• If possible let the night breeze lull you to sleep along with your ceiling fan
• Conserve energy by keeping the fan switched off when you leave the room

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