How to protect the wood floor in right way

Remember hardwood floor is an upgrade and it needs little work form your end for its upkeep. This suggests, you may be an owner of a gorgeous floor or may be looking to install fresh new wood floor, you need to maintain it on a regular basis. Yes, we agree that hardwood floor appraises the value of your house, but it needs constant vigilance to retain its elegance. wood floor

How to protect the wood floor in right way
You can protect your floors the way you want, but we have found the handiest to keep them clean.
1. Everyday clean–You should keep a microfiber mop at hand and clean all the spills immediately. This will ensure that the floor does not stain and microfiber is good at picking up pet hair, fine dust particles, allergens and dirt.This is better than a household broom as it does not push the dust away but traps it and removes it forever minus the static.

2. Weekly care–Vacuuming or mopping with wet water and hardwood cleaner could be a good idea. However, make sure that the wheels of the vacuum do not damage the floor and use soft bristled floor brushwhile running a vac. Again, if using water, make certain that you do not leave standing water on the surface.

3. Monthly maintenance–Polishing hardwood floors once in 2 to 3 months, as this will help it retain the glossy finish. It willremove microscopic scratches and marks within minutes provided you use a good hardwood polish.

4. Yearly check–You can further protect you wood floor, by deep cleaning it every 3 to 5 years. You can also sand and refinish it instead to hold on to its glamour. This process removes the old layers and replaces it with a fresh new protective.

5. Day to day to protection–If you are passionate about your wood flooring, then consider taking daily care of it by:
• Cover the legs of your furniture with felt pads to avoid scratches
• Keep the nails of pets trimmed
• Wax them with natural products like olive oil to keep them shiny
• Hardwood floors can contract and expand (which is a natural phenomenon), beware of keeping the humidity under check for this
• Try to keep shoes off the area and say no to soccer cleats
• Never tread the floors with high heels
• Decorate your house with matts both inside as well as outside as matts can protect your floor in the long run
• Most importantly keep your floor clean all the time and practice regular cleanups
• Be cautious of any buildup as it will cause you more harm than you may think
• If possible seek professional help for maintenance
Follow these methods to keep your wood floor protected and treat it like an investment that you will handover to your progeny. Think about it, it is a venture of a lifetime and you certainly do not want to go wrong with this one. So, make your legacy look like a grandeur andconcede generations to praise you endlessly.

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