How to Hire a Good Housemaid

Whether you live all by yourself or you live with your family, keeping your house clean is a lot tougher than it sounds. If you have kids or an untidy roommate or spouse, cleaning your house becomes like living in a never ending hellish time loop. That is why many people are ditching their apron and dishwashing towel and hiring a professional housemaid . But finding a right housemaid for your house is a tough job itself. You have to watch many things before you hire one. In this article, you’ll find the much-needed insight about how to rent a good housemaid.
1. Find a reliable housemaid:
The first hurdle would be finding a housemaid. You can ask your friend who have a housemaid or who knows a housemaid to provide you one. Or if you know a housemaid, ask them if they know anyone who is interested. Or you can use a referral service that places housemaid. You can also put an advertisement in a local newspaper. Some people hire housemaid once in two weeks or a month. Some people even hire a good housemaid once a year.
2. Interview:
Typically the interview takes place in your house with you giving the housemaid a home tour and a chore list. The housemaid gets a primary idea about what needs to be done. But be careful about giving the unknown person too many details about yourself and the house because you might not even hire him/her. Discuss some points and give details about your expectations. You should discuss about-
• Salary:
Discussing the salary with the housemaid is one of the important subjects. Start with a little lower salary and then negotiate. Some housemaid charge on an hour basis and some charges an amount per visit.

• Sick days:
Make it clear that how many sick days you are going to pay. Paying the housemaid for a sick day might sound irrelevant but you don’t want him/her to come to your home with all these germs just because she wanted money and needed to work.
• Holidays:
Discuss which holiday they have to come to your house to work and which holiday they are going to take a leave. Negotiate these things with him/her.
• Days you cancel:
There will be some days you are going to cancel on a day they are supposed to work. But it’s completely my personal opinion that you should pay the housemaid for that day. Because he/she might really needed the money and can’t really miss a day of work.
• Children and pets:
If you have pets, ask the housekeeper if he/she is allergic or not. If you have kids, make the housemaid and the kids understand the standard of interaction. If you want the housemaid to babysit for you, ask if he/she is okay with it and what would be the extra charges.
• Background check:
Bringing a stranger home to do household chores puts you and your housemaid in a position of trust. Always do the needed background check while putting an unknown person in charge of your home. Never forget to have a complete I-9 form (employment eligibility verification) from the housemaid.
• References:
This is very important to check the referrals of the housemaid. You need to be ensured that if the person is bonded or insured, or if the person have work permit to work in our country.
3. Employee relation:
It is very important to treat your employee with respect, civility and courtesy. Have a good communication with your housekeeper, if there is any misunderstanding. Nip the problem from the bud.
4. Trial period:
You should put the newly appointed housekeeper on a three months trial period, during which you have to be present to discuss about stuffs that needs to be done in your home. If possible give your housemaid a list of the chores. Always remember the housemaid is not you, so you need to let her work through the house in a way he/she cleans it.
5. Long-term expectation:
Once the housemaid passes the trial period, you need to reassess the work with him/her to make sure of your expectation from him/her. If the person is doing a good job, never fail to appreciate. Always try to motivate him/her for all the efforts.

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