Why we don’t put the mirror directly into the bed?

The impact of placing a mirror illuminates the bed

– Every night, when suddenly awake, you will see pictures of yourself or his partner appear in the mirror with all the poses, all the way to dress … This can lead to the impression is not very good. About each other.

If you are wearing makeup, changing clothes … in front of the mirror and suddenly see someone behind you with a watch or something moving, you will inevitably be startled or confused. .

Mirror place to the bed

The result of this will make people born hot, impatient, impatient, lose temper in dealing with situations encountered in life, in social relations as well as family feelings. Otherwise, the state is also negative psychologically.

Avoid placing the mirror opposite the bed

– Because the reflection of the light is very large, so if the mirror opposite the bed, when there is light from the outside into the mirror, they immediately reflected by the mirror, directly to the light intensity. Light is amplified through the mirror straight up the eyes of those who are sleeping on the bed.

Whether or not the light reflected from the mirror causes a person to fall asleep on the bed, it is certain that they are harmless to their eyes. That is not to mention that they will adversely affect the mental state and emotions of the person, making them allergic to the kind of light.

How to solve the mirror placed directly on the bed

In order to make the gas disappear due to the phenomenon of “mirror for bed”, apart from the most basic solution is to move the mirror or bed to another location, people also take other measures such as taking the dark curtains, thick, rather heavy to cover the mirror or made of riviera separated bed with mirror.

According to Feng Shui, as well as folk customs, the layout of the mirror directly illuminated the bed will lead to discord in the relationship, causing them to frequently dispute, fight with each other.

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