Anti-theft with motion sensor LED

Modern homes are increasingly using LEDs in lighting, decorating, as well as other gadgets, including anti-theft at night. With intelligent touch mode, the light will automatically illuminate when someone crosses without turning on the switch, which quickly detects uninvited guests.

Advantages when using induction leds

Using large capacity, outdoor anti-theft LED floodlights are typically installed in garden areas, corridors, balconies where theft broke first to steal assets. If you are the owner of shrimp farms, fish, seafood, fruit orchards, homeowners … and you do not like the noise of the alarm bell, use smart light is the appropriate choice.

anti theft with motion sensor led

With the lights on, the thieves will have to step back when they intend to step into your house, because the touch lights are there to light people immediately denounce the presence of these people.

You will have to spend a lot of money for lighting at night and for repeating and arranging different types of bulbs in different locations. But with anti-theft sensors based on infrared sensors, there are many different designs that will fit into each installation in your space. For example, the ceiling light sensor will sweep the relatively wide area from the top down covering the room, the wall type, the eye will scan the sensor with long distances suitable outside in the yard, corridors long wide.

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How it works?

On each lamp there will be two controls, one for adjusting the lamp time, the other for adjusting the light sensitivity, which can be selected during daylight conditions. Turn on the light only until dark when the new sensor works. When the thief steps into the active area, the sensor’s eyes are mounted on the device to detect immediately, closing two serial ports to illuminate. With the psychological sense that will run away when there is a sudden light, the thief thought homeowners discovered the light on will panic and run away immediately.

Sensor headlights not only help prevent theft of remote thieves but also deal with professional thieves, dangerous in the face can not handle it.

The anti-theft lamp has a durable, water resistant material that works well in the outside and is highly impact resistant. In addition, the lights only work at night, when people go back and should consume less energy, help you save power, use more intelligent.

Using anti-theft LEDs is a smart solution, easy to use while theft situation increasingly dangerous, agitation. Therefore, we recommend using the product to protect the safety of your home.

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