8 good points you should buy a Portable Evaporative Air Coolers right now

The recent emergence of Evaporative air conditioning cooler fans has led many consumers to wonder when they are planning to install the air conditioner. Please refer to the 8 reasons why you decide to choose a fan instead of air conditioner!Portable Evaporative Air Coolers
1. Buying a Evaporative Air Coolers  will save you more money
The price of the air conditioner is only 100 $ – 250 $, while the air conditioner is 250 % – 800 $ (depending on features).
2. Save more electricity
1 hour of air conditioning is about 0.12 sign, while air conditioning is about 1 sign, which is the electricity used in the air conditioning is only 1/9 compared to air conditioning.

3. Maintain effective cooling on a wide area
Air conditioners help reduce the room temperature from 5 – 15 degrees Celsius and do not need air tight room.

The cooling mode rotates to the left or right, and the powerful engine of the fan regulates the cooling speed and efficiency of the area about 15 – 30 square meters (depending on capacity).

4. Balance the air humidity
If the use of conventional air conditioning will reduce the moisture in the skin drying room, the body is dehydrated, the conditioning fan will overcome this disadvantage.

The air conditioner uses steam to absorb heat and reduce the air temperature, so it also increases the humidity of the heated room without damaging electronic equipment.

5. Clean the air
If the air conditioner has a microfiltration membrane, the air-conditioning fan by means of a shield and a cooling plate in the fan system helps the air pass through to filter out dirt before it is cooled and pushed back into the external environment. Thanks to that space used not only cooler but also more healthy.

In addition, the fan is equipped with a negative ion-generating function to clean the air (dust particles carrying a positive charge with negative ions will be absorbed and dropped).

The air-conditioned space will be cleaner, healthier, cooler and more relaxed, for the spirit of relaxation and refreshment.

6. Safer for health
Using air conditioning regularly and improperly carry many harmful effects:

– Air conditioners are often used in closed rooms, creating a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, which harms the body. Signs of feeling dizzy, headache, fatigue or cold when suddenly moving from the air to the outside environment.

Regular use of air conditioning does not only dry the skin, but it also causes blood vessels to contract due to poor blood circulation and joint pain.

Children who sleep under direct air-conditioned fog are susceptible to flu and respiratory diseases.

Fan air conditioners can be used in open space, combined with the air conditon and air cleaning functions to make space more safe and refreshing.

7. Flexible use
Air conditioner needs to assemble a system inside and outside the room to use, and use only fixed, 1 room / 1 machine.

The fan has wheels at the bottom of the stand, which makes the fan easy to move and flexible to use in many locations and spaces.

8. Easier to clean
– Long-lived air conditioners will be home to many bacteria, increasing the density of harmful gases for the human body when operating. However, it is mounted on a high level, which makes it difficult for users to clean and sometimes have to rent air-conditioners.

– Fan design detachable parts: dust shield, water tray, cooling plate makes it easy to clean and fast cleaning, efficiency. Periodic cleaning will help the fan operate more stable, limit harmful bacteria accumulation and disease to the user.

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